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Distilled 5 times

8 carefully chosen botanicals

100% pure smoothness

Inspiration behind Silver Fox Gin

Silver Fox Gin is crafted with 8 botanicals. It is blended by a master distiller using 100% English Grain Spirit, distilled in an English Copper Pot and bottled in England.

The inspiration came from an awareness of rural England. Tony Holdsworth has spent the last 35 years working in the great outdoors and this combined with extensive experience tasting the finest gins meant, that the birth of Silver Fox Gin was inevitable.

Silver Fox Gin is intensely aromatic with savoury notes of cedar, lifted with mellow citrus tones. A deliciously pure tasting dry gin that has a balanced palette, a slightly creamy texture and an incredibly smooth, fine finish. Whilst full of flavour and delicious on its own on the rocks, it also lends itself to a number of twists, from cucumber to orange and even lavender and rose.

Silver Fox Gin Miniature

Silver Fox Gin is please to announce the arrival of its cubs.
The 5cl Miniature bottle is very cute and has the same bite.

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5 times distilled

Silver Fox Gin is a London Dry Gin, the highest quality style gin possible. It is distilled five times, which means that as much of the flavor as is possible of the carefully chosen botanicals is retained within the alcohol. Silver Fox Gin with a rich combination of flavours, is surprisingly complex and wonderfully smooth.

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